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Joanna (Asia) Maselko

I am a social and psychiatric epidemiologist, and an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


My research aims to identify causal mechanisms through which the social environment impacts the development of neuropsychiatric disorders.


Much of this research focuses on the inter-generational transmission of risk, and the role of the environment in altering socio-emotional and cognitive developmental trajectories.                     


Perinatal Depression and Child Development Trajectories

This work examines the impact of perinatal depression and its treatment on child cognitive and socio-emotional development in Pakistan.

More information on specific projects here and here. You can also visit the website for the Bachpan Study. 

Global Mental Health across the Lifecourse

I am interested in the social determinants of mental health disorders in low resource settings over the lifecourse. Taking a developmental perspective, I have focused on adolescence and late life, in addition to early childhood. I also study the link between physical and mental health.

See publications here.

Aging and Intergenerational Influences on Health

I am interested in healthy aging and specific social and environmental factors that lead to better cognitive, physical, and mental health outcomes in the elderly. Especially of interest to me are the salubrious aspects of intergenerational interactions. 

More information on specific projects here.

Current Work

Other Interests

Religious Engagement and Health

This research examines the association between religious engagement and health over the lifecourse, with a special emphasis on challenges of causality.

See publications here.

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